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About Our Fleet

Task Force 192 is a fleet that above all else values having fun and enjoying Star Trek Online, in the company of like minded individuals.

We are active in most areas of the game, from grinding STF’s to PvP, and most areas in between.

We value social interaction and as a result are a very tightly knit group of players and friends. Our senior members are all veterans from launch day, and have expertise that collectively spans every aspect of the game.
Our Values

To a person, above all other considerations, we truly enjoy the game that brings us all together – in a manner that allows all to showcase their talents, and respect each others uniqueness and character.

While we are certainly casual and sometimes even comedic, we are understanding of all member’s idiosyncrasies and fiercely protective of our fellow fleet mates. To insult one of us, is to insult us all. When one of us acts dishonourably, we are all dishonoured.

We celebrate diversity in our Fleet membership, and our membership has representation from almost all races, nationalities, genders, sexual orientations, age groups, political philosophies, and walks of life.
Aspects of Star Trek Online
As mentioned above, we are a diverse Fleet - in game play terms as well! We have active groups of players in every aspect of the game: Grinding STF's and Fleet Actions, Event Actions, Organized and Open PvP, Group PvE and Levelling, Light RP, Crafting, and Socialization.